Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eventually, I finish things...

Sometimes it takes me a while to 'circle back' to a project. Sometimes, it is a long while...

This is one of those projects!

These tea towels were part of my Christmas gift to Dearest Sister. When she and her guy first got together, she moved into his house, which was heavily influenced, decor-wise, by the mountainy outdoors. After combining their things, it was less of a focus, but still predominates, as they are both mountainy outdoorsy people.

A few years ago, I was preparing needlework projects for travel and decided to stamp a few tea towels to throw in the bag. I had picked up the Aunt Martha's "Northwoods" transfer set with them in mind and had a few tea towels in the stash, so I picked out my favorite three of the seven days-of -the-week designs (because who really needs seven tea towels?) and stamped the towels. They are not complex designs (although I did consult a bird book for ideas on the colors of the geese) but I started and finished several, well...many, things before I finished up all three.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my scatter approach to projects. And, when it is to be a gift, that sometimes means I have to keep the secret a loooooong time! But it feels good to finish and send it of to the intended giftee.

(And she might have just been flattering me, but DS said her guy thought they were nice, too!)


Lynne said...

OMG, these would be perfect for our cabin! You did a beautiful job on them, Jan. I am going to have to get those transfers I guess ... one more thing to add to my every growing list of projects.


Iron Needles said...

Darn it! You beat me to it. I am still going to post a photo of them tomorrow!

And I was not just flattering you. He is very impressed with them, and is wondering why they are still on the table and not in the drawer. (photos, WG! photos!)

Martha said...

Very nice stitching and I love the colors -- it's interesting to me that you mostly outline in back stitch and I mostly outline in stem. My back stitch sucks.

I am totally the same way about projects and sometimes it seems I only start things and rarely finish them. I don't worry about it anymore -- unless I have a gift deadline, I just work on the things that make me happy at the moment. If I have a bunch of unfinished quilts when I die, my kids can sell them on ebay and hopefully some other quilter will enjoy finishing them (or tearing them apart and making something else -- I'm okay with that, too!)

Kate said...

I'm a mountainy kind of gal, too, and I love these! They'd look great in my knotty pine cabin. :)