Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seven Day Time Warp

This last seven days have been something! This time last week, we were just getting home from a two hour trip to go 'over the hump to Pahrump' to get our car trailer from the storage lot so we could drive 9 hours to look at (and buy) a car that we do not have room for!

We have run out of space, after parking the two campers (one is for sale, but it is the off season, even in the desert!), two classic cars (the tiny one has to share the garage slot with the workbench), two daily drivers and two car trailers.

We have been storing the big car trailer in Pahrump for a couple of months. Pahrump (which I can never say, without adding 'pa-pum-pum' in my head) is in Nye county, about an hour away, over the mountains. It is in one of the huge Nevada counties that has very low population. And low storage fees.

Low population allows them to have legal prostitution, so there are lots of 'ranches' in Pahrump. With names like the chicken ranch, or the bunny ranch, or mustang ranch, etc.

There is also The China Date Ranch, which grows date palms. I understand that it is not uncommon for them to get a lot of confused customers late at night...

Anyway, after our whirlwind trip to buy the car, and bring it home, it has been a very busy week! It seems all the evenings were spent outside of the usual routine, so any idea that I had to catch up on holiday preparations was out the window.

We decided early in the week that we would look at paint colors for the Falcon on Saturday, since the shop is across town. Luckily, they are open a few hours on Saturday mornings. I made a list of all the other things that I want to accomplish this weekend, too. My plan is to really make an all out effort to get some gifts done (well, started first and then done!)

This evening, The Mister shared his idea of the important things to get done this weekend. Surprisingly (not!), our lists do not intersect, other than at the paint shop... His list involves shuffling of cars and trucks and sorting of parts, etc.

I think I might try to convince him that we should just leave the car in the trailer and think about all that in January! I am guessing that I will not have any luck...


Allie said...

Pahrump pa-pum-pum.....oh golly that's funny!!! You have to wonder how that town got it's name. Too funny about the China Date ranch too.
I love your Falcon. My first car was my dad's Falcon....he got in an accident with it and gave it to me, so I could drive in the local demolition derby.
I'm not surprised your lists don't match, lol...I hope you're able to find time to get some things started, and then finished! Christmas is really coming fast this year, not sure why.

Iron Needles said...

Exactly on target about the list. I am all about finishing up the wrapping and sending or presents and the cards and stuff. Guess who wants to get out and do things?

Martha said...

I hope it's comforting to know that you are now alone in this list conflict. Fortunately, I now have two days off during the week to do whatever I want (although he occasionally gives me "assignments"), so accommodation to his weekend list is much easier for me.

Now, every time I hear the Little Drummer Boy, I'm going to think of you and the trailers and the town of Pahrump.

Martha said...

Oops -- I meant to type

"you are NOT alone in this list conflict"

I hate it when you make a typo and it totally changes the meaning of the sentence!

Gaynell said...

The only thing on my list is to get ready to come see you! I LOVE that list.