Monday, December 28, 2009

Going With The Flow

We have had a quiet weekend.

Since our Christmas guest did not arrive as originally scheduled, we were a bit at loose ends. Well, truth be told, I was at loose ends. The Mister watched football on tee-vee, as was his plan.

I decided to start a quilt!

Over the last few weeks I had gathered the material to make a quilt that had caught my eye on display at the lqs. It is a Moda pattern called 'Sweet' (you can see it here). It appealed to me because it was kind of vintage-y and the colors were very bright.

After studying the pattern, though, I decided that perhaps it was a bit beyond my current skill set. So, I decided to do something different with the fabric.
I started a 'Wonky Log Cabin' quilt.
These are the first four blocks.
I used a tutorial that Quilt Dad had posted in September.
Quilt Dad works in graphic design, or some sort of artistic endeavor, and even though he is relatively new to needle work, he has the advantage of an artistic eye.

Although I did not intend to follow the usual log cabin tradition of lights on one side and darks on the other, I was trying to be aware of the different color values and print scales, but it was pretty much an experiment in progress.
The blocks will be trimmed down to 15.5 inches. The tutorial suggested making 15 blocks - five across and five down.

I cut a bunch of strips and I it really doesn't seem like I have made much of a dent. I might have enough for six across and seven long!

I think the hardest part, so far, is cutting into the fabric. I didn't have a problem with cutting up the fabric in the kit for my class, because it was purchased with a particular goal in mind. But, just cutting into fabric that I have already changed my mind about once, was hard.

I started out washing and pressing all the fq's, and then I washed some other fabric, just to fill up a load in the washer doncha' know... Then, I thought I should look through some other fabric and see if I had any others that coordinated (even though I had forty coordinating prints already!)

Finally, I just told myself to get started and I stacked up six fq's and started cutting! After that, it was easier.

Maybe I should just buy kits!


paula, the quilter said...

That is so bright and cheerful! Good for you to venture out on your own.

Iron Needles said...

Nicely done! I was asked about when the Grandbebe Bean quilt would be done. I answered...when it is finished! I suppose now that the yarn is in the store (and not selling...) and the xmas gifts are knitted, I should start quilting again. Oh wait. I should finish your socks!

Gaynell said...

I know about the reluctance to cut into one's stash. Even when I have had a piece of fabric long enough to say it is properly "aged," once I cut into it,the "potential" (for lack of a better word) seems to leave.

Martha said...

Oh no! If you have trouble cutting into new fabric, I wonder if you're ever going to be able to make a feedsack quilt with your collection. I know that hesitant feeling, but I only experience it when cutting into vintage fabric.

Love your sweet log cabin blocks, and the fabric choices -- it's going to be a very cute quilt.

Lynne said...

Love the Wonky Log Cabin pattern! I like your choices ... that would be the hardest part for me deciding which fabric goes with what. I would still be there deciding, so good on you for just cutting into it!

Kate said...

Looks like hard work, but also a lot of fun. I'd love to get my hands on a Wonky quilt. :)

Wasn't it nice to have 2 quiet days to recuperate from Christmas?

Now let's get ready for a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

very fun! i like your quilt better than your initial inspiration!!! I think i might endeavor into quilting this year. but alas, my starting and not-ending projects is out of control!!!
Miss you - K

lunaticraft said...

Oh man, that is going to look so awesome when it's finished!