Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Spirit

This weekend, I intended to accomplish some holiday gift goals - and I did! Not my original goals, I had to scale back my plans a bit when I realized there was no way I was going to get everything done, unless I adjusted. So, I adjusted.

I can't show you the finished effort, yet, though. I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise. Here is a peek, though...

I love redwork and these look really cute !

I had to finish them all today, though. My fingers are going to be too sore tomorrow to do any more stitching, for awhile!

The fabric is heavy, so lots of pulling on the needle to get it through the fabric. On the upside, though, I didn't have to use a hoop!

I also finished piecing the blocks for my quilt! For class tomorrow, we were to have 25 blocks ready to put together. The instructor said, "if you want to sew it together, go right ahead". So, I did.

I ended up adding an extra row. Since my seams run to the narrow side, I ended up with it a bit longer than the pattern intended, anyway. I figured I would have to adjust the measurements for borders, etc either way. I checked to be sure that I would not run short of border fabric, but there is plenty. Now, it can be a baby quilt, or a lap quilt, instead of just a 'project'.

It is such a good feeling to start the week with some things checked off the list. Now, I can start looking forward to Christmas!

Good thing, since it is right around the corner!


Gaynell said...

Your quilt top is lovely. Too bad we cannot see the entire redwork project!

Iron Needles said...

My curiosity is overwhelming. I think I am so grown up and just cruise up to Christmas, until I start getting a whiff of surprises. Then I am all little girl again. Quilt looks great.

Allie said...

Those stitcheries look darling - a tip for pulling the needle through, I use one of those rubber fingers that are sold in office supplies on my index finger. Then I don't have to struggle to get the needle through. It really saves my hands - I like to put fusible batting behind my stitcheries and this helps.

The quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!!

Martha said...

Hmmm...that little redwork girl looks a little like Red Riding Hood -- so cute!

Your quilt looks wonderful -- you must feel pretty proud of yourself. Are you going to quilt it by hand or machine?

jan said...

G - I will show you when you get here! THIS WEEK!!
IN - It is just as hard for me to not spoil the surprise!
Allie - The rubber finger sounds like a good idea. I think I will look for one to keep handy!

Martha - Not Riding Hood, but she is a fairy girl! I am thinking that I will do this quilt by machine. I am proud of it, but I am kind of tired of the fabrics...