Thursday, September 23, 2010

The time has come! (and public yarning!)

We are moving!

This weekend we will be out of the house and implementing step one of the 'exit strategy' - moving into the RV! Much of the summer has been taken up with the preparations and the work is not over yet.

There is still much washing of floors and woodwork in preparation of turning the house over to the management company who will (we hope) find us a renter who needs to live in Las Vegas for, oh, 10 years, or so. Or, at least until the housing market makes enough recovery that we can unload the albatross that will no longer be our home.

Finding a place for all the things that are still with us will be a mighty task, as well! I have winnowed my wardrobe down in stages. I still think I have too much for the small RV closet. I am thinking I might have to store my off season clothes under my desk, at work! Not really, but maybe one or two pair of shoes would fit in my bottom desk drawer...

A couple of weeks ago, we picked up the current car project from the paint shop where it has lived most of the year (that is another saga!) We were pulling out of the automotive industrial center after picking it up and saw this bit of yarn graffiti:

I asked The Mister to pull over and took a few snaps to share.
Right in the middle of all that is automotive and manly-ish was this desert tree, decked out in crochet swatches!
Not that desert trees need sweaters to keep them warm, especially in August, but this one didn't seem to mind!

And it gave me a little bit of hope that irony and whimsy can survive in this dry heat!