Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Zip Bag For Any Occassion!

This month, a granddaughter had a birthday. Usually, we send money to the grands, but this year we decided to send a gift.  She is an arty kind of girl, so I bought her some Prismacolor pencils and a sketch book along with a book on how to draw cute animals.

After it was finished, I was thinking about how to wrap and ship and it occurred to me that a zip bag would provide decorative 'wrap' and I could put it all on a padded envelope to send.  I only had a couple of days before the shipping deadline for it to arrive on time, but I decided to make a prototype with some solid charm squares before I used a print charm pack.

I wasn't sure of my size conversion, but once I got some squares put together and the size confirmed, I liked the look of the solid squares.  I decided to embellish with her name embroidered on one side, which provided a central motif to echo.

For the back, I used some 'dot-to-dot' quilting ala Angela Walters.

Despite a post office holiday in the same week, it arrived exactly on time.  I think she liked it.  Sometimes it is hard to tell with 'almost teens', but she sounded enthusiastic when we spoke on the phone.

I love these little fast projects!  I think I may try some half square triangles or other, more complex piecing down the road.

Who knows?  Maybe all my holiday gifts will be 'wrapped' in a zip bag!