Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Self Indulgence, pure and simple!

Okay, two posts in a row is a bit much for the same project, but - oh well!

I am really pleased with my quilt project!

Last night, since I already had my blocks sewn together, I was ahead of the rest of the class, who had stuck to the script. The first border went on quickly and the instructor showed me how to do a mitered corner for the outer border (which is a very neat trick!)

When I finished up the borders, I decided to look at fabric, with a goal of picking a backing fabric. I had a coupon for 25% off, as well as the refund of my $20 deposit for the class that was burning a hole in my pocket.

Once again, when faced with buying fabric for a particular project, it was too much choice! I just couldn't pick! So, I bought a fat quarter stack and a yard of decorator fabric for a potential project that I will tell you about, later (after I see if it turns out okay!)

I am thinking of making a few more blocks and using them to make a stripe across the reverse and piece the rest of the backing. Maybe with a solid color from one of the prints, or white.

The winter class schedule comes out in a week. I hope I can get in a quilting class pretty soon! I am really anxious to go to the next stage of the process!


Lynne said...

It looks lovely Jan! Great job!

Martha said...

I'm really glad you posted another photo -- those borders are just perfect to tie the whole thing together -- so pretty.

I know that the pieced back is really popular, but I have never made one. Partly because it's a contemporary style that doesn't suit my quilts, but also because I usually hand quilt and I have a hard enough time just stitching through the seams on my tops.

Gaynell said...

Nice job! I really like the choice for the border.

Iron Needles said...

I like it, too. I hope you learn all the finishing up parts, then come help me finish up the quilting on Bean's!

jan said...

Lynne - Thanks! And thanks for tolerating my 'show and tell'

Martha - part of the reason for piecing the back is to use up the rest of the fabric. It doesn't really 'go' with the rest of my stash!

Gaynell - I probably would not have chosen the inner border (it will also be the binding fabric), but it does set it off!

IN - I will plan to do that!

lunaticraft said...

WOW. That looks amazing!