Friday, December 4, 2009

Opposite Day!

A few weeks back, I shared my unfortunate experience with Estelle, who advertised a 'mother lode' of quilting supplies that she thought were worth waaaaay more than I thought they were worth.

Well, yesterday was 'opposite day'!

I met Sharon, who had a sewing machine for sale that I thought was worth more than what she was asking!

So, I bought it!

Meet the new girl!

She is a 1950's model (atomic, don't cha know!) Singer 221. A Featherweight!

In my quilting class, some people bring their own machines, but if you don't bring your own, you get to use the fancy schmancy Berninas. Which are very impressive! The one I used threaded the needle by itself! (It came unthreaded about five times in 3 hours, but that was probably due to operator error...)

As we were packing up, the store worker came into the class and there was conversation about the machines, and prices etc. (And oh my, the prices! Most cost more that what my car is worth!) While there was certainly appeal in having a machine that winds the bobbin automatically (and fast!), and threads its own needle, etc, I just kept thinking that I would rather use the machine that I have and spend the money on fabric! (If I were going to spend that kind of money, which I am not going to do!)

But, this is Las Vegas and a common phenomenon here, is that people sell their belongings, for various reasons, at a fraction of what they cost new. So, just for fun, I thought I would look at Craigslist to see if anyone bought a fancy machine and, would now rather have whatever it would bring on the open market.

And that is how I met Sharon. She was not in desperate straights, just downsizing to move in with her daughter and son-in-law. She has another machine, but this one was extra. Sharon said she always thought that she would do more sewing when she got old, but found that she just couldn't sit still to do it.

I was so pleased that it looked even better than in listing photos! And for $150!

Then, I asked if she had any fabric for sale. It turns out that she does, but it is in a storage 'pod' in the back yard. She said that it was all cottons because her mother was a quilter and she has some vintage quilt tops as well!

I left my name and number and asked her to call me when she was able to get into the storage unit!

I told her I might be interested ...

(Dearest Sister has claimed dibs on sharing, if a transaction comes to pass. I told her that I am going to need some wool socks this winter...)


Iron Needles said...

That is one suh-weet lookin' machine! Lucky girl. Persistence pays off.

I am off to check the list now...

Gaynell said...

Do you know that in other parts of the country (non-Vegas) a featherweight Singer is prized? I am glad that you appreciate it!!

Martha said...

Wow -- a Featherweight for $150 -- that is amazing! What a wonderful Christmas present from you to you. It would never occur to me that a person would put a mint condition Featherweight on Craigslist. All of your classmates are going to be so envious!

I just got my poor old Bernina 1000 back from the repair shop (first repair in 20 years), but I can't get into the house to sew (it reeks in there from the refinished floors). I am hanging out at the library where at least I can embroider and visit my blog friends.

Kate said...

Ah ha! Was just over at the other sister's blog and commented I had no idea what a Featherweight was... Guess I should be visiting you gals in reverse!

Now that I know may I just say WOW! That is so cool. I want one and I don't even know how to sew. Congratulations. That was a steal of a deal.

Allie said...

WOOOOOOOOW! I'm going to go check Craigslist. What a bargain!!!! She's beautiful!
I have a fancy-schmancy machine, bought way back in 2000 [obsolete now] that I refuse to trade for newer. It does just enough to satisfy me - a lot of bells and whistles but not so many that I get confused [at least anymore]. It will last me a lifetime and I'm happy with that. But a featherweight - oh my - a true dream machine! Congrats to you! And a pod of fabric? COTTONS? QUILT TOPS????? The motherlode, lol!

WG said...

My Mom had that sewing machine. I know it well because I watched her sew on it for hours with my grandmother.

lunaticraft said...

WOW. That is a beautiful machine! Lucky! =D