Thursday, December 10, 2009

My New Ride

Just a quick show and tell!

This is my new ride. Actually, it is a 'potential' ride, since it does not have a drive train, or interior, yet. It looks fast, though, don't you think?

When The Mister and I were married a short time, I realized that he gets a hankering to buy a car about every 12 to 18 months. Early on, it was new cars, but that is very hard for me, since I love not having a car payment.

Later, it became vintage cars, which are much less expensive at the outset, at least... (the expense is accumulated gradually, as packages of car-booty treasure are delivered by the UPS truck, and sometimes, the purple one)

Last year, it wasn't even a car, it was a Go-Go Scooter mobility thingy.

This year, it is a 1963 (and a half) Ford Falcon. Ostensibly, it will be 'my' car. You know, when I retire and want to look good tooling down to the grocery store...

It is more of a 'real' car than the Isetta, which I may never be brave enough to drive anywhere, other than around the block.

I don't think I like the Rangoon Red paint. Since it is about a twenty foot paint job (it looks fine if you are 20' away), we will probably have it re-painted. I can't decide what color, though. I do like red cars, but this color is a bit to tomato-y, I think. The Rangoon Red and Burgundy are the only two 'reds' in the 1963 Ford colors. It doesn't really need to be a stock color for me, though. I just want it to look good, I am not a purist!

We will go look at paint colors on Saturday. Maybe we will go with something completely different.

The 1969 Ford color chart has "Thanks Vermilion", "Freudian Gilt" and "Anti-establish Mint". An effort to inject a bit of cool-groove, I guess. In 1970 they went a little farther with "Bring 'em Back Olive", "Last Stand Custard", "Young Turquoise", "There She Blue", "Good Clean Fawn".

In '71, it was back to "Medium Green", "Dark Green", and "Bright Red".

So much for Ford hip!

I might have to pick one of those colors, just for the name!


Iron Needles said...

My horizons continue to be broadened by my association with the Mister. The things I never knew...

I can't wait to hear what you decide. I don't like the red, either.

Gaynell said...

What color is the Isetta? I like the way it looks!

Lynne said...

Where do you store all these car toys? Inquiring minds want to know!

You should definitely pick one of those cool sounding colors. After all, you need to be in the groove ...

Martha said...

I would pick Anti-establish Mint! What a great name.

Only a few boys (and one girl) in my high school class of 450 students drove their own cars. My two favorites were a red Corvair and a yellow Falcon. The Isetta is really cute, but the Falcon is COOL!

Kate said...


If we come to visit you can we cruise the strip??

jan said...

IN - I am with you on the 'things I never knew' bus!

G - I love the Isetta color, too, but that paint is only 'affordable' for a micro-car!

Lynne - fortunately, a lot of houses in this neck of the world have 'RV' parking at the side of the house. Not enough space for a yard, so put down some concrete and use it for partking!

Martha - I would have bet you would like that one! Maybe with tie-dye seat covers? ;)

Kate - yes!