Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Flowers

On Monday, Sister G and I visited the Bellagio Conservatory to see the holiday floral display. It was gorgeous, as usual. There are five displays a year, spring, summer, fall, Christmas and Chinese New Year. This is the fourth Christmas version that I have seen and each one is different, spectacular and amazing. Sometimes elements are 're-purposed' and sometimes there are entirely new elements.

The constant...

...the tree. About four stories high, from Mount Shasta.

New this year...

... the polar bears. Made of 36,000 carnations that have to be changed out once a week!

Mama Bear takes 12,000 carnations, Papa Bear needs 16,000. Baby Bear (not pictured) uses 8,000. They are surrounded by white poinsettia 'snow'.

The rocking horse is back...

...but this year, it really rocks!

There are always crowds of tourists in the conservatory, most of them taking photos of each other. I thought a Monday afternoon might be less crowded, but no, it was just as busy!

After we watched the fountain show, I took her to another 'can't miss' place. For Christmas, or anytime - In 'n Out Burger!


Lynne said...

I love the Bellagio's displays! I only get to see either the spring or fall ones since that is the time of year hubby travels to Sin City for a trade show. I didn't tag along this year but am hoping to next year.

Fabulous! Love the polar bear. What they do with flowers is truly amazing. Imagine taking care of the display and changing all those flowers out!! Yikes!!

Iron Needles said...

Wish I was with you. Not particularly THERE, but that we were all together. Glad you are having the time together, though.

Martha said...

There are so many free and inexpensive things to see and do in LV -- we visited twice when the kids were young. This was during the strange "family" LV years -- you have to wonder who thought that up, but we had a great time.

The conservatory display is amazing, and I especially love the polar bears. The Bellagio does everything first class.

When we moved back to the Pacific NW from LA, my kids were shocked to find out there are no In'n Out Burgers here -- it was a difficult adjustment.

Gaynell said...

I can confirm all that she said! The fountain display was splendid. Especially when the first song was the national anthem. Pretty loud, though.

Kate said...

The horse, of course, is my fave. :)

But, that polar bear!!!! Isn't that something??? Love it. Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous Christmas celebration. :)