Friday, December 18, 2009

Featured Fabric

Part of the fun of collecting something is finding others who enjoy the same thing. I feel that way about feedsacks. I love them for what they are, but I like to share the joy!
On Wednesday, one of my feedsack fabrics -

was featured here! This is the second time one of my fabrics has been selected as a representation of the 'Daily Swatch' theme. Its not an award, or a reinforcement of my great taste in textiles. (I self 'nominated' by tagging the photo and adding it to the Flikr pool.) It is fun, though, to open up a blog and see my little piece of fabric heritage!

This piece of fabric is a good example of how color can 'date' something. Even though green is a very current color, these greens just say 'vintage'. Maybe it is the combination with the brown, but I just get a 40's feeling from these colors.

My favorite modern quilt fabrics are the reproductions because they have a classic vintage look. The new designers make beautiful things, but you don't have to look very far into the blogosphere to find examples of things that were beautiful when they were introduced, but sadly 'tired', 10, 20 - or more - years later.

I am working with a very modern fabric in my most current project. I will post a photo in a few, (read: seven) days! ;)


Lynne said...

Please educate me Jan! What exactly is feedsack fabric, apart from the obvious name? Surely this beautiful fabric never housed any feed? I am clueless in New Jersey! Lovely fabric.

Soon I am going to post my Mom's Paul Revere fabric curtains. I am thinking maybe someone talented like you could make it into a quilted something or other??

Martha said...

I'm crazy for bows and tulips and polka dots, so this may be my favorite feedsack pattern ever! ...anxiously awaiting the new project with the modern fabric.

jan said...

Lynne, this fabric did hold some sort of commodity as it's original purpose! Maybe animal feed, or maybe people feed, flour, sugar, etc. (although I usually think of flour sacks as white). My mom said that she remembered her mother going with my grandfather to the feed store to help 'pick out' the feed. Sometimes mulitples of the same fabric, (if available), or bags with different prints, depending on the need. Many feedsack fabrics have stains or discoloration along the edge that would have been the bottom when it was in sack form, from setting on the floor in a shed or barn. I love the colors and prints and also because they represent thriftiness, and the original 're-use, recycle, re-duce' initiative.

The Paul Revere curtains sound very interesting!

Martha - I think it is one of my favorites, too! The new project is kind of discouraging. Sister G is visiting, though and she encouraged me that my original vision is still within reach!