Wednesday, January 6, 2010


...goal-wise, anyway...

Just four days ago, I set a goal to quit 'growing my stash', until I started using some of it. I was well underway, using about 20 fat quarters, plus a couple of yards of sashing fabric.

But, I didn't have enough of the yellow sashing. It is Kona cotton, banana yellow, and I bought the end of a bolt at Jo-Ann's before Christmas. There was a bit more than a couple of yards on the bolt and the person at the cutting table said that Kona had been on sale the week before, so I assumed that was why the stocks were low. There would be more.

My 'design bed'...

A few days later, I was in the 'way up North' part of town with some time to kill before an appointment, so I stopped at the other, larger, Jo-Ann, but they were out of banana, too.

The next week, I looked at my regular Jo-Ann, but still we have no bananas!

I called the smaller store in the "way up North the other way" land and none there, either.

I checked the Jo-Ann web site and no banana amongst the 35 colors listed.


And Buttercup.

No banana.

I decided it can't be a case of 'discontinued favorites'. I just became aware of Kona banana a couple of weeks ago!

I called Dearest Sister and asked her to check at her Jo-Ann, but none there, either, or in the neighboring town, where the grandbebes live.

It was too late at night to call on resources further East, so I went to the web.

When I found it on-line, on sale at 20% off, I bought five yards. I will probably use a couple more yards in the quilt I am working on. And I will have about 22 of the Moda fat quarters left over. I like the yellow with the prints, so I am sure that it will be perfect in whatever other project I decide for them.

The banana hasn't arrived, yet. I guess I have a few days to stitch up something to 'make room' in the stash for five yards.

But now, I am in the hole!

And - I found an ad for 3 bolts (15 yards) of Moda classic white for $100 on Craigslist. It seems like a deal too good to pass up!

What do you think?

Do I have the discipline to say no?

Is it too late for a 're-do' on my goals?

Maybe that is the solution! I will change the goal to: Refrain from increasing the stash by more than 100 yards a month...


Lynne said...

Yes ... no ...
Yes we have no bananas! How annoying!
No ... no discipline necessary. Goals are merely guidelines! ;)

Iron Needles said...

Exactly what Lynne said! It is early in the year. In the month. You may still come out ahead. Onward!

Martha said...

I'm so glad you found more of the fabric, because that banana is the perfect sashing color for those cute Moda blocks.

And the white? need's a staple. I buy new "old stock" vintage cotton sheets for my whites -- they're big, cheap, have a nice feel and are easy to quilt through. The advantages of buying the Moda bolts -- you'll have a lot so you probably won't be running out in the middle of a quilt, and you won't get your whites mixed up as I have done on a couple of quilts.

Gaynell said...

So much excellent advice...I cannot add anything.
You know my can never have too much fabric! AND, it gets better with age!! I don't know if that is true, but it is my philosophy.
Today, I am going to sew up part of my fleece stash to make a hat for me and one for Dave. He doesn't usually wear one, but it is to be 15 below tomorrow. A good mother at least offers a hat!

Allie said...

You CANNOT pass up a bargain, especially with solids! I look at goals as mostly suggestions, lol. My 'goal' this year, should I decide to keep it, is to use and stop buying all the novelty prints.

I LOVE this quilt you're making. It makes me happy to look at it!

Kate said...

Glad you found the bananas! I was hastily heading toward the comment section to offer to check my Joanne fabric store. Which I have never set foot in... but I would risk catching the craft bug for you! :))

jan said...

Thank you, everyone for your good advice. I bought the three bolts (90" wide white muslin)- plus a bolt of snowflake on white (Moda-Figgy Pudding) and another bolt of white (45" wide). So, with the 5 yds of banana - I am up 87 yards for the year! Oh my.

lunaticraft said...

Or, add an amendment to the rule that says: stash needed to finish a project does not count as stash.

As for the white bolts... that's a staple for quilting, right? So that can easily be paralleled to sock yarn: It's a staple, so it doesn't count! =D

(The quilt is looking beautiful, by the way).