Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying up too late...

In the last two days, Ms A and I have spent about 15 hours sorting Legos and putting sets together. Many of those hours were spent long after we should have been in bed!

She has always enjoyed Legos and there were some fun sets in the 90's. One series called "Paradise" is all pink and gray and white with people vacationing at a beach resort, riding horses and surfing.

Pirate ships was another fun theme. What's not to love about tiny Lego 'pieces of eight' and peg leg Lego pirates with parrots?!

We also have some Harry Potter sets, undersea sets, and some generic sets.

At one time, they were all separated, but they got co-mingled at some point. So, we are putting them together so we can then take them apart and store them more efficiently.

Another wonderful thing about the Internet - you can find the instructions to put together Lego sets from 1979 (and maybe before, but the oldest set we have is from '79. A space station set that was originally passed down from older nephews.

The living room looks like a tornado with sorted piles for charity donation, trash and 'things to keep, but we haven't decided where'.

Since today is the halfway mark of my vacation, I suppose we had better make some progress on restoring order. I don't wan't to have to do it all myself after she leaves!


Iron Needles said...

Can't wait to spend time with the both of you. Maybe we will have more late nights on the east coast!

Gaynell said...

Legos are great fun...even if you are only using the assembly as a method of sorting! And maybe, a little nostalgia???

Martha said...

It sounds like you and Ms. A are having too much fun. I love Legos, and we have a huge trunk of pieces in the basement. I can't imagine going through and actually trying to build the individual sets, but it's nice to know the instructions are available in case we ever get the urge.

Kate said...

What fun! Happy to see you're enjoying your vacation! :D

Lynne said...

Those legos sound so cool. I want pics! Can I be a kid again and play with them?

I asked IN if maybe we could all have a meet and greet when you come EAST. NYC is a 30 minute train ride (if I manage to catch the xpress) away ... I know you'll be busy but you'll be so close! Maybe just a meet and greet in Penn Station! ? I like excuses to go into the city ... ;)

Allie said...

Oh that sounds so fun - my boys STILL love their legos!