Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Design Wall...

Okay, I don't have much else to talk about, because all I have been doing is going to work, eating, sleeping and working on this quilt top.

Since I don't have a 'design wall', I have been using the downstairs guest bed to lay out the blocks. But, in two days (or so), Ms A is coming for a visit! And she will need a bed with functional blankets and quilts.

After I decided how I was going to put them together, I hung them from the living room valance, to keep them in order. I still need to press the seams joining the blocks, but this is what they look like all trimmed and sewn into strips.

This is one of the 'wonkier' style blocks. There are four rounds of logs around the center piece.

The last four, were more like this. Only three rounds of logs, and they are not trimmed as sharply. I was trying not to cut more strips for the last four blocks, since I had plenty left over. I didn't have all colors in all widths, though, so I probably compromised a bit of interest. But, not all blocks can be superstars!

I hope to get them pressed and the strips sewn together tomorrow. Then I might have to put it away for a bit.

Because Ms A is coming for a visit!

And I will be on vacation!

And we will have things to do and places to go!


Anonymous said...

very exciting to see her!!! Have a blast and take lots of pictures!!

Iron Needles said...

Really love seeing it put together, and seeing some of the pieces up close and personal.

I know you will have a great time together.

Martha said...

It is fun to see some of the fabrics up close. You did a great job on the selection -- they all look so nice together. It's a very springy and cheerful quilt and it looks so cute as a backdrop for your new (old) sewing machine. How are you liking it, by the way?

What fun to spend a vacation with Ms. A.

Gaynell said...

I admire your color choice..and I really like the "wonkiness." Perhaps when I next visit, I can sleep under it!

Kate said...

That's one happy quilt! Love the color combo.

Here's to a fun-filled weekend, with lots of cool things to do! :D

Lynne said...

Thanks for the close ups Jan! It really helps to see how intricately they are put together.

I think it should become a wall hanging since it looks so good that way! I just love the pattern! Love the colors! I think it would be hard to figure out what colors/patterns go where within the quilt block. I would sit for hours staring at it wondering if it was going to look right. There is a real art to this and you have it down!

BRAVO!!! Makes me smile just to look at it ...

Allie said...

Oh this is so lovely - it's perfect! Enjoy your visit!

jan said...

Thanks for all the kind compliments! Now to the harder part - choosing a border!

Iron, I would love to show you in person!

Martha, I am loving my treadle machine! It doesn't stitch as fast as a motorized machine, but right now, it is as fast as I am!

Gaynell, I hope I will have it done for your next visit! When will that be? I will put it on the calendar!

Kate, Yellow is a great color to work on in the winter!

Lynne, If I hadn't started with a pre-cut pack of fat quarters (all from the same line of fabrics) I would have been staring and second guessing, myself!

Thanks Allie! I always have a good time with the girl!