Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Left To Deal With The Aftermath

Well, it was back to work for me, on Monday. But not back to the routine.

I have aftermath...

In the sorting, we went through much of the booty from estates sales of yore. Some good memories were in those boxes... And Melmac. And Casseroles. And Couroc serving trays. And figural planters.

And really, there is not a lot of room for mid-century collectible housewares in small NYC apartments, or small Cleveland apartments, before that.

So, A has become selective in what she needs to keep. We sorted into 'charity', 'can go, but may have vintage appeal' 'keep, but not New York', 'bring to New York' and 'take back in carry-on'. And trash.

We also sorted record albums.

The people who packed us up from Kansas really didn't distinguish between my record albums from back in the day, The Mister's record albums from back in the day, A's record albums that were her dad's from back in the day. And the 500 or so albums, that A brought home when the school library gave away their entire catalog of vinyl and said whoever wants any, can take them.

We had lots of sorting to do....

We kept some of the library cast offs. But not "The Six Day War - Recorded Live!", or "Supreme Court Cases from the '60's" We found a Jacques Brel album that was in better shape than the one that we had and several vintage jazz albums went in the keep pile. But the rest, well they will go back into 'public domain' - at the Goodwill store.

One good thing about the ex-libre records is that they are protected by very sturdy vinyl covers, the record in one side and the album cover in the other. That means that when folks are flipping through them at the goodwill store, the records won't slice through the cover and become a loose sandwich. I just hate it when vintage things turn into trash because they are too fragile for the wear and tear of bargain shoppers.

I can't help it. I am way too concerned about the continued preservation of things I don't want to keep. I have heard enough breakage at the thrift stores to realize, that the odds of anyone who might appreciate vintage parfait glasses actually finding them intact, are pretty long!

I think next weekend, I will try to find someone at the antique mall that might trade it all for a couple of hankies or a feedsack!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Jan! Just wondering if that is a picture of stuff being put back out into the wild because I am eyeing up those green/white dishes in the back! Just wondering ;)

Iron Needles said...

I want the 'orange' orange juice glasses.

And I will come pick them up! Or send them home with Youngest, rather....

Allie said...

Ah, aftermath - sigh. The joy of cleaning and clearing out. I NEVER know what to do with it all. Jan, you're not the only one concerned about preserving breakables from the thrift - I worry about it too!

Kate said...

Now you're talkin! I'm a closet hankie collector. I found an entire drawer of my Grandma's and absolutely treasure them. That is a teeny bit of lost art, that somehow I'd love to frame and keep safe forever.

jan said...

K, the green things are yours now! I am going to make your mother bring them to you in her carry-on!
IN, you may have the juicy glasses. I will pack them to travel in the Man-van!
Allie, so far, I have been looking at it! This weekend, I will have to decide what to do with it!

Kate, I guess you could say I am a closet hankie collector...I have a closet full, I think... It is a sad dependancy!

Anonymous said...

awesome! I can be a home for the orange in the back and yellow in the front of similar shape! I am often in need of those types! I cant wait :)