Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quilting as Exercise

Since the beginning of the new year, I have read lots of resolutions, and many of them have to do with accomplishing particular projects of one type or another. A lot have to do with finishing WIP's (works in progress). I have my own share of wips, (and w's not yet 'ip'), but mostly they are embroidery projects. Just things I have started to have a variety of projects to work on.

But the quilting thing is trying to suck me in to starting another project before the first one is done! (Technically, I have already done that, I suppose, since my small class project top is still waiting to be finished, but I am giving myself an exemption, since I haven't learned that part, yet!)

I have been reading my quilt books and magazines and thinking about the next quilt that I want to start, even though I am only about half way through my 'wonky log cabin' top! I fear it is a slippery slope that I have stepped onto! I have decided that I probably need to be a bit strict about finishing one quilt (at least the top!) before I start the next, though. I know myself! It could get out of control, if I don't practice restraint!

So for now, at least, the 'rule' will be that I cannot start another project before the current one is complete (unless it is a gift with a deadline...)

Yesterday, we had a busy morning with errands. When we got home and lunch was over, and laundry underway, I started working on my wonky log cabin top. It takes me quite a while to do a block, mainly because I have a very inefficient set up for the process.

My sewing machine is practically at the front door of the house, my cutting area is in the dining room and the iron is in the kitchen.

The thing about the wonky LC is that not all the blocks have the same amount of 'logs', but they all have at least 13. So, twelve times from the cutting table (selecting the next piece), to the sewing machine to add it to the block, to the kitchen to press and then back to the cutting table for the next one.

I could re-arrange so that I would have less steps, but I am trying to increase my activity this year, so I figure that it makes quilting almost a cardiovascular workout!

So see? All my goals are aligning! Learn to quilt, use the stash and lose weight!

PS. I found out my efforts to eat better and exercise more are getting results! My cholesterol is down 51 points (from definitely high to under the top 'normal' threshold) WOO HOO!!


Gaynell said...

I am smiling as I read your post. It is a slippery slope indeed, but it looks like you are controlling your fall!

Martha said...

Congratulations on the cholesterol -- 51 points is amazing!

That's so funny about your quilting/exercise program -- it might take a little longer to make a quilt, but you'll be one of the rare thin and fit quilters. As a group, I'm afraid we are not in the best shape, myself included.

Kate said...

I had to make a similar rule with fixing up this rickety old house of mine. Can't start another project until I finish the first one. Which is why a gallon of paint has been sitting in the downstairs hallway since October...

Congrats on the healthy eating thing. That's terrific news!

Allie said...

Oh to have the discipline to finish something before starting another. I'm trying to do that too!
Your set-up for quilting sounds as if it will keep you exercising! I would probably give up making a quilt {I'm lazy} but it sounds ideal to keep you moving. Congrats on the 51 points - that's amazing!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I'm going to try to finish an applique project I started a LONG time ago--it's called "Snowbound" and I still love it! Perhaps I'll get it finished by next Christmas! Hope you'll share how you got your cholesterol down--I need to work on that!
I appreciate your condolences concerning my Wendy! Thanks! V.

Em said...

I found your site this morning as a "google alert" and was smiling as I read the variety of things you can fit into one post. Congrats on the cholesterol and enjoy the slipper slope!!!!! I am playing a game this week on my blog if you are interested in visiting...Have a fabulous MOnday!

Iron Needles said...

What happened to my comment? Well, best I can remember...blah blah blah...more than one project is okay. I know. I have a quilt, and three knitting projects, no, four, going right now. If I say so, it's all right.

You know the other day I got duplicate comments from you. Crazy blogger!