Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wrapping up the loose ends...

...of a week of sorting through many, many boxes and storage bins was the project for Saturday morning.

The plan was to photograph and document the set numbers of the Lego's, then take them apart and put them in the proper boxes for storage. I think the 'newest' set was from 1994 or 1995. That would make it about 15 years since they were last 'played with'.

At first, The Mister thought we were sorting, etc., to sell them on eBay (where there certainly is a thriving re-sale market), but he soon possessed a better understanding of their significance!

This is a 'before' photo of the box of 'people, animals, weapons, accessories, boats and greenery'.
The pirate ship with the assorted 'hearties' aboard!
This poor guy just came with a raft and a shark. And two days growth of Lego beard.
Some of the pirates apparently had adventures in the south seas.

This set has two attractions for A - a wizard in the tower and a flying dragon!
I am guessing this smaller set is the wizard's summer palace?
The ghost is an add-on... along with the 'wolf man'. (stocking stuffer size, you know!)

Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat went back to NY in the carry on -

along with the Quiddich Pitch.
My favorites, though, are Lego's answer to 'How can we get girls to like Lego's?'

The answer: The Paradisa! Collection

It's Pink!

It has horses!

And tiny dishes and pans!

The Sea Side Cafe

The Rolling Acres (or something like that...) Stables.

And the beach side cabana (with the ice cream man pushing the cart with little Lego ice-cream treats in it! They think of everything!)

Their strategy worked on me! I was just glad that A liked them too!


paula, the quilter said...

My DS had just tons of Legos. He kept them all in a 33 gal garbage can. I still sometimes find a lego out in the garden.I believe when he turned 18 he gave them to a boy who needed toys. My kid has a good heart.

Iron Needles said...

My kids never had legos. Did they have a deprived childhood?


Martha said...

I'm really impressed that you managed to sort these all out and find all the pieces (and apparently, weren't missing any). I remember those "girly" Legos, but I think they might have given up that marketing ploy. When I was last in the Lego store, I couldn't find any sets that were targeted for girls.

Gaynell said...

Legos were an important part of gifting to my son..however, after they were constructed, he lost interest. Go figure.

Allie said...

Oh you have some wonderful sets!!! I love lego's.

Kate said...

These are incredible! Love the pirates. And, you've even got a horsie! :)

Lynne said...

I just love these! Did you have way too much fun putting them all together? It must have consumed a good portion of your time! I never knew Legos were so varied. I like the beach one with all the different colors of water!

So, you are keeping them?

Legos must have come after my childhood or I would sure have had some of these. I think we had something similar but they were all just boring red.

Tish said...

The Lego thing must have been in the air...several nights ago Levi and his girlfriend brought all his old Legos up from the basement and "played" with them...and Joe informed me that he is going to take them home sometime and put them together too!