Thursday, November 12, 2009

Discontinued Favorites

Last weekend, we were entertaining a guest (a fellow 'car guy' freind). On our drive home from our day 'out and about', we saw a car show at the Railroad Pass Casino. We pulled into the parking lot to check it out.

It turned out to be a show of the local AMC car club. The American Motors Co made several memorable cars: The Gremlin, the Hornet, the Eagle and others that you see at various car shows. One that you do not see, is

The Pacer.

Dearest Sister owned a Pacer in the late 70's or very early 80's. She loved that car and when it was wrecked, she wanted a replacement Pacer. Alas, it was not to be. I do not even remember what car she had next. In fact, I remember very few of the cars that she has owned, only that there were a lot of vans, and now Subaru's (it's a Colorado thing, apparently). But I remember the Pacer. Apparently the rest of the world felt the Pacer was inferior. The only one at a car show featuring the AMC marque was this toy!

The Pacer was doomed to fail! Why?

It falls into the category of 'Things that we love, so they will no doubt be discontinued".

It is a pattern that has repeated many times, over the years!

Another example:

Rely tampons. Sure, they were blamed for Toxic Shock Syndrome, but the first thing we thought of when we heard they were being pulled from the shelves was,"is there a store that still has them for sale and can we stock up with a lifetime supply?" Sadly, the answer was 'no'. No other FHP* has ever become a preferred brand in the way that we relied on Rely!

Another favorite that became unavailable as soon as I declared it a favorite? Real (brand) cigarettes. I know, I know, cigarettes are bad for you and I haven't smoked in almost 30 years, but it still annoys me that when I did smoke, my favorite brand was discontinued!

Hershey's Solitaire candy bars - gone! (I know that the bags of chocolate covered almonds are still somewhat available, but the candy bar is what I want!)

We have become resigned to fact that if it is something we really, really like, we better lay in a supply, because chances are, it will not be available long!

(When I started this post, I began to think of all the examples of this phenomenon that have occurred over the years. These are the highlights that come to mind. I will await memory supplement by DS...)

*feminine hygiene product


Iron Needles said...

When I read the title I knew where this was going, and immediately went into mental block. I can only come up with Hershey-ettes, which now come close with Kisses, but quite the same.

I will ponder and update as I remember. You have hit the high (or low) points, certainly, but it does seem like there was a biggie just recently...

Martha said...

I thought the Pacer was cool -- with sort of a scenic cruiser feel in the back with all that glass.

I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine hoards the Today Sponge -- which I just read has been bought by another company who plans to bring it back on the market this year.

Gaynell said...

There was a lipstick in the early 1960's called "Mocha Polka." It was ahead of its time as it was a tannish-pink. Ginger and I both loved it...and of course, it disappeared. We would look for it anytime we were in a place that sold lipsstick...but it seems that when a B-i-g company discontinues something, they call all the left-overs back. A puzzlement.

Iron Needles said...

I remember something else! Your hair color! Back when you colored...but it counts like back in the day when we used FHPs and smoked.

And ate chocolate.

Oh. Wait.

Iron Needles said...

So I was thinking that I was mistaken with the Hershey's kisses. That's not the right name for the replacement candy for Hershey-ettes. What is the name? I go to the website. It's not listed. No doubt another victim of "DF".

Also. Pappagallo shoes. Perfect fit. Classic design. Poof. Gone.

Allie said...

Well, it's ok for me, I can't remember anything so I don't notice it's gone. Sigh. At least I can still get Black Jack gum.

jan said...

Yes! Hershey-ettes! Not a very clever name, but I loved them!

And my hair color, which was a very 'not unusual' color and I am sure many others mourned it when it was gone!

I still have the last Papagallo shoe box in the closet!

And the chemical that we used to control iris borers! Hazard to health, sure, but so effective!

I guess maybe I am just drawn to things that are bad for me! (except the shoes!)

Gaynell said...

I have an article from Family Circle circa 1977 that I am perusing for instructions on making a "soft" creche. I stapled the pages together so I wouldn't lose any. When I looked at the advertising, there is an ad for Real Cigarettes, the AMC Gremlin and the ever popular and still available "Chex Mix."