Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Taste of Bullion

Remember the bullion snail that I found in the Inspirations magazine? Well look what else I found, in a different issue!

I whole little sampler of the cutest bullion knot designs! I am envisioning them on all kinds of things, but first I have to master the process.

This is my first attempt. It is a lopsided kitty. (It wasn't designed lopsided, it just turned out that way...)

The instructions called for 8 knots (or grubs as they are affectionately known) for the body, but I did five, since I saw that they were going to turn out lopsided. And, I did not allow enough distance between the top of the stitch and the bottom, for the number of 'wraps' in each one. If there was a little more room, the knots would lay flatter.

But, I kind of got the hang of it!

The pattern suggests putting the designs in a sampler format, but I had this set of four napkins from an auction lot, so I decided to use them for my practice 'canvas'. I think the trick is in the tension of the wraps around the needle. I poked my fingers about twenty times, trying to pull the needle through, until I loosened the thread a bit. I didn't bleed on my work, though!

Its a good thing no one is running a tally on the number of things I start before any one of them gets finished.

At least I hope no one is!


Iron Needles said...

I like the little puffy bodied kitty. I couldn't get the example page to 'embiggen', though, and I would like to see all the examples. Sometimes I think there are too many new things out there to try and to learn!

Gaynell said...

Most real kitties are somewhat lop-sided, so I wouldn't criticize your work. In fact, I admire your willingness to try new things...and to tell us about them while you are still a novice. I love it!

Kate said...

I'm pretty good at starting things, too. Let's make a pact not to divulge how many of those things never get finished... :)

Martha said...

Those are such cute patterns and I think your little kitty looks very cute. I've never even attempted to make a bullion knot, but I've got some squares left to do on the wool quilt, and I think some bullion knots would be fun.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

V and I are going on a cruise end of January (what a splurge!). Old ladies that we are, we both want to do needlework as we sip our wine. (Does this combination work?). We are, neither one, experienced. Who knows what it will look like--lopsided, for sure! C

Allie said...

Oh my those are darling! I love your little lopsided kitty. And no, I'm not counting your projects - or mine either, lol!!!!

jan said...

Thanks everyone, for the kind words about my initial efforts! I was going to practice more today, but my fingers are sore from so many sticks of the needle!