Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taking Care of Old Friends (& New!)

The smalls and their mom have been here for a few day's visit over the Thanksgiving holiday. L always travels with her best friend:

This is 'Meowy'.

Meowy has been her companion for seven and a half of her eight years. He started out as a 'Boyd's Bear' kitty - I don't know his original name, but it was probably something elegant. These days, he only answers to Meowy.

Meowy needed some TLC when he got here. His feet were in shocking condition! His bead stuffing was showing through and was only contained by a thin layer of plastic... something.

And, his chest was almost worn through as well.

L and I went to the stash and picked a couple of fabrics for repair.

We used blue chenille for the feet and wool felt for the chest.

Of course, when there are two smalls, both must feel the love equally, so I was pressed to add 'something to something' for H.

We came up with a McDonald's beanie baby wolf and added a car to his belly. H drew the car pattern. Thankfully, a simple one!

I think tomorrow, we may need to stitch up a jacket and pants for Meowy. I think he needs a bit of protection from the daily wear and tear, if he is to survive the elementary years.

At that point, he will probably be put on a shelf or tucked in a drawer. Still loved, I imagine, but no longer needed to be close at hand...


Iron Needles said...

Thank goodness you were there for the rescue!

Martha said...

The choices of material were particularly nice in this patient's grafts, and I also like your idea of adding some clothes for an extra layer of protection. It was very mature of L to allow the repairs (however necessary) to be made and fortunate she knows someone clever with a needle and thread who also has an enormous stash just for these types of emergencies.

Gaynell said...

Glad you didn't wait until "code blue."

Lynne said...

Lucky Meowy for having such good care! Love the heart. I have to admit when I first saw the photo of the second patient, I thought you had sewn a red stomach on his stomach, or some other internal organ body part! LOL! Then I read on and discovered it was a car and not an internal organ after all! :) I guess I wasn't looking closely enough!

I have a little dog that was a Steiff from my childhood. He could use some of your care ... his stuffing is showing a lot.

Debbie said...

My youngest daughter had a blanket that she loved like this. I still have what's left of it in a trunk upstairs. It began to fall apart and she would not part with it long enough to have it fixed:)You did a very good job.

Tish said...

Ahhh, Meowy is so cute! Good thing you gave him/her some new paw pads! I think you should add some whiskers!

Allie said...

Awww - so glad you could play nurse to this poor kitty!