Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Winner! The Parade! And More!

First things first! The winner of (my half) of the 'End of Blogtober Giveaway' is.....

Martha! She wins the bundle of feedsack fabric that was offered here. Be sure to check with Dearest Sister if you entered her giveaway. She will be announcing soon, (or maybe she already has!)
Next - The Parade Update!

This is the last minute Halloween costume that I made for the Isetta. We did not win, in that category, or any other, but we had a good time!
Here is the Beatty High School marching band marching to their place at the head of the line-up. They won the best "Walker" award.
We were one of the first cars, lined up behind the quad-runners and later some three wheeled motor bikes joined the line just ahead of us.

We were one of the first ones at the registration table, but I told the lady that I did not want to be first, so she gave me number 28. It turned out that numbers 1-27 were the walkers, the motorcycles and the public service vehicles. So, we were the first car! The Mister wanted to get to the line up spot early, to be sure that we could make it and that traffic would be light.

The Isetta is a bit 'cold blooded' and it took quite awhile for it to warm up enough to run smoothly. He told the folks in the big mid-century muscle car behind us to just go around, if we stopped.

We made it 12 of the 14 blocks of the parade without incident. The Mister was having a great time throwing candy to all the kids from the sun roof. (I was leery of children running into the street, but everyone was throwing candy and we didn't want to look like Las Vegas cheapskates come to crash the parade, so the candy was thrown...)

When we went past the judges stand (the intersection of two state highways, which were closed for the occasion) they announced us and we did our 'parade wave'. We made it past most of the crowds lining the route and the engine died. And would not re-start. I was afraid that I had 'warmed up' the engine too much in the three hours before the parade started!

We hopped out and pushed it to the side and the rest of the parade went past. The Mister grabbed a stick to check the gas in the tank (we don't need no stinking gas gauge!) and there was plenty of gas, so we tried again and it started! We cut down a side street and cut back in the parade line just in time to pull into the car show!

I can now say I have driven in a parade!

Now, And More!

Dearest Sister and I have decided to continue our collaboration! We enjoyed the tag-team Blogtoberfest so much that we are marching forward into November with the same plan.

Also, we have another project reveal. The Super Secret Sister Project!

We have opened an Etsy shop! You can check it out here! We have dubbed ourselves 'AtomicSisters'. Why? Well, why not? We are both mid-century and thoroughly modern, in our own minds, at least!

About 15 years ago, Dearest Sister and I expected that we would probably spend our twilight years together. We envisioned ourselves as a later version of the Baldwin Sisters from 'The Walton's' television show. The Baldwin sisters lived together, supporting themselves by selling their grandfather's 'recipe'. Since we do not have a 'recipe' (our great-grandfather was nefarious in many ways, but moonshine has never been attributed to him!) we decided that perhaps we should cultivate some other way to provide income.

This may not be it, but it is in the spirit of the recipe!

And now you know the secret!


Gaynell said...

My, but things do change in 15 years!!! I look forward to your etsy that the right word? I found your seller listing, but couldn't figure out how to see your stuff. Perhaps tomorrow.
Glad the parade went well.

Allie said...

Congratulations to Martha!!! I love the costume for your car, lol - what fun that looks! I'm so glad you enjoyed the parade. And wow, love your etsy shop, the name is perfect!!!! I remember the Baldwin sisters - now I wish *I* had a sister!

Iron Needles said...

Oh, Great-grandpa 'nefarious' Adolph. I think he has a new nickname. And hmmm...perhaps...I bet he did have a recipe...I wouldn't put it past him, knowing what we know.

Look like you had a rollicking good time. I can just imagine the Mister enjoying himself, tossing the candy!

Lynne said...

Well, I declare!
Are you Miss Mamie or Miss Emily?
Your secret recipe must be creativity!

Tish said...

Gosh, now I have to look up another word- "nefarious". Oh, just remembered I have Dictionary application on my Blackberry! OK!...your grandfather was "wicked"?! I liked the "wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?" response on Becky's blog!

Martha said...

Yeah! I can't believe I won -- I'm so excited -- I love feedsacks! What a fun post, and very amusing to hear all about the Isetta at the parade. She looked stunning in her jack-o-lantern costume and good job getting all the way through the parade -- I would have been nervous. I think she should have won something, but you obviously had a good time anyway.

An Etsy shop! -- I have thought about doing that as well, but I can't think of anything to sell. I am looking forward to checking out your shop, and I'm also very happy that you are going to continue the blogfest -- it's been fun looking forward to an interesting post every single day. I wish I could convince one of my sisters to start a blog, but I don't think that's happening -- they rarely even read mine!

Kate said...

Hi, Jan!
Landed on your blog and noticed the aprons in the Etsy shop and thought Oh, WoW. Must have one!

Now I read it's the cool sisters latest endeavor. How exciting. Time to dust off my credit card...