Monday, November 30, 2009

"20 Pages of Nostalgia"

Putting up the Christmas Tree during the Thanksgiving Weekend has been a tradition at our house, since The Mister and I were married. Previously, Ms A and I might get it put up that weekend, or the next, but the Mister is always anxious to put up the tree. He loves everything about Christmas!

Since we were having guests the week of Thanksgiving, we put up the tree before the holiday, this year.

As I have mentioned, I have begun thinking a bit 'down the road' and have been going through some of the boxes of 'stuff' that accompanied us to the desert. On Sunday, I decided to go through a box that I had come across in the storage shed, while I was getting out the Christmas things. It was a box of craft magazines that Ms A had collected at various estate sales over the years.

Look what I pulled out!

McCall's Needlework and Crafts from '69-'70.

With 20 pages of 'Nostalgia'.

Martha at Q is for Quilter was nostalgic about this project a few weeks ago! (The Victorian house, not the dog...) You can see her original 1970's version here.

This is the 'un-creased' photo from the inside pages. (You can find the instructions here.)

The 'Nostalgia' mentioned on the cover referred to a section of projects taken from earlier McCall's publications, from the '20's through the '50's.

I have book-marked a few pages - some pin cushions, quilt patterns and some crewel designs that I think might translate well to embroidery.

One down and 20 or 30 more magazines to go!


Iron Needles said...

That would have been fun to go through with you! Why don't we live next door to each other???

Allie said...

I like it! I love going through old magazines - enjoy!

Martha said...

OMG -- I know you said you would keep an eye peeled for the article, but I can't believe you actually found that magazine. It makes sense, of course, because I moved to Seattle in January, 1970, but I thought the house was from a Woman's Day or Family Circle. The instructions are just as confusing as I remember, but I am definitely going to have a go at this after Christmas.

Thank you, Jan -- It was very sweet of you, and I am so pleased!