Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Favorite That Endures

Many years ago, probably 1987, Ms A and I discovered Hello Kitty. There was a small kiosk inside a Macy's store at the mall near us, that sold a selection of tiny writing things - colored pencils, writing paper and tiny sticker books. They were an inexpensive indulgence and Ms A became a fan.

And has been a fan, ever since.

Of the original, not the 'licensed to Mattel wannabe Hello Kitty', but the real Kitty, who is so successful that she now has her own stores.

We affectionately called her 'Miss Kitty', or just 'Kitty'. Like on Gunsmoke.

(Not really, Ms A probably has never seen Gunsmoke, but I always think of Amanda Blake and her big hair...)

My frequent buyer card for Kitty's boutique!

When I first saw Martha's Simple Objects quilt, I immediately thought of Hello Kitty! A few weeks later, Martha shared a redwork Hello Kitty quilt in progress, for her daughter.

I picked up two or three HK coloring books last fall, and found this design that I thought would be perfect on an apron. My intent was for it to be a Christmas gift last year.

That did not happen.

The apron is from the 'Linen's and Things' close out and it is pretty long. Not a 'tuck in your purse' kind of project, and also lots of fabric in your lap for summer stitching. I put it in my bag and it went with me on many trips but usually languished... Finally, I finished it a few weeks ago and sent it off this week, to Ohio, for Ms A's birthday.

Happy Birthday, A!

(Many thanks to Dearest Sister for helping me fill in the blanks of my memory of 'discontinued favorites'!)


Martha said...

Oh -- I don't have that HK pattern in my coloring book -- it's perfect for an apron. I'm going to steal this idea for one of my Christmas presents. Thanks!

Iron Needles said...

Happy Birthday, indeed, to Precious Niece. Lovely work, too, Dear.

And I know, just KNOW, there are many more things we have faved to death.

Lynne said...

I'm so glad you remember Gunsmoke! Hadn't thought about that show in years.

The apron turned out so cute! What an adorable pattern. You really put me to shame. I have knitted a bit here and there over the past couple of weeks, but not one stitch of embroidery. She's sure to just love it!

Kate said...

Oh, how cute! That is a really sweet gift... :))

Allie said...

LOVE the apron - too darling!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty! Love the apron idea! C