Monday, March 2, 2009

Mentoring - or How I Learned to Sister

Dearest Sister has introduced me to The Sister Project, and she has introduced them to me (Easter 1959)!

TSP bloggers are very witty, articulate women who write exquisitely about sisterhood. I am still navigating the past three months of posts and they are all interesting and entertaining and most of them make me cry, many make me laugh.

I have written about my relationship with Dearest Sister here and here and she has written about our relationship here.

Much of what made us what we are today we learned from our other sisters. Two years apart with birthdays in May and June (just like DS and me) they were already in high school when I was born. When I came on the scene, DS was the sun around which the family revolved.

In this early family portrait, she is secure of her place in the center of things! (That is me trying to disrupt her place!)

Wisest Sister and Deeply Missed Sister in a self portrait (photo booth!)

As we grew up, we modeled the relationships that were most important to us.

We learned to lean on each other and to have fun together.

We travel together, but not as work. (although it was always our dream to follow that path and be half as glamorous!)

I am not sure if we learned eye rolling from them. It may be genetic. It certainly is a strong trait in the next generation!


Anonymous said...

Wow! And I didn't think you were paying attention!! Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

I have never seen those photos. I have to come to your place and go through pictures instead of dusty old documents and canceled checks. You have save all the good stuff for yourself!

Iron Needles said...

I have to comment again. This is really an excellent post. I may tell everyone about it, too. And I may steal all your photos.

(And really, once you came along, everyone really liked you best...)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed those pictures, could I get e-copies when you get a chance?? I would love to have them on my digital frame :) Sometimes I wish more than just the eye rolling came naturally to me in my role as a sister!! Much Love - K