Sunday, March 15, 2009

Film Festival Production or...

What I got done while watching lots of movies!

This weekend, The Mister and I had a film festival! It didn't start out that way, but Friday evening, the television programming held nothing of interest to either of us, so I suggested that we watch a little bit of "Anne of Green Gables". The complete A of GG boxed set of DVD's was on my xmas list and The Mister always obliges by getting me everything on my list. It is one of my favorite stories and I always watch it on PBS whenever it is broadcast.

He was kind of like "whatever you want to watch, because I will be going to bed, shortly". What he didn't expect was that he would get interested in the story! We watched most of disc one together on Friday evening. He went up to bed before the end, but I watched the rest.

Saturday, I was surprised that he wanted to see the part he missed, so we replayed that part and then we watched all of disc two and disc three! Over 7 hours of Anne!

He was ready to put disc four in, but I suggested we save it for another time. The last two discs are less faithful to the original stories and get a little carried away, sometimes. (Almost to the point of jumping the shark, actually)

Anyway, this is what I did while we watched -

Miss Muffet on her tuffet - I love the little spider waving his hat and handkerchief!

Humpty Dumpty - (pre-fall)

This is still in progress, obviously. I usually do the lettering last, but I decided to do it first on this block. Mostly because I already had the needle threaded and the later it gets, the harder it is for me to thread a needle...

Yesterday, we got our weekend Netflix. I hope I can convince him to watch Mama Mia this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy Mama Mia as much as we did. We even watched it twice! We have also recently watched Kung Fu Panda (A Christmas gift to my son) and enjoyed it too. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Did he cry?

jan said...

What do you think? As Lovely C says "he cries at commercials - VISA commercials". We don't focus on that, though... (He doesn't know that music makes me cry).