Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seventh of Seven!

I have finished the teapot towels!!

This is the final one! No mishaps - except smudges of Thin Mints that came out with a quick soak - (I love Oxyclean!)

I think the tulips were one of my favorites. I love tulips! No other flower says spring like tulips. (Except crocus, or daffodils or tiny bulb iris....) but I really liked the tulips on this teapot! I like pinks too, but I have never grown them, so they are not really one of my "old friends".

The violets remind me of the hundreds of violets that used to grow in our Kansas yard.

Their numbers diminished after The Mister and I were married. He is of the "tidy landscape" school and I am of the "enjoy whatever grows" school.

My feeling is that weeds are green and after they are mowed, it doesn't look so bad. His feeling is that if you have weeds, you should endeavor to replace those weeds with grass.

Unfortunately, the weed killers can not distinguish between pretty "weeds" and "weeds I don't like".

We have some roses here in our desert yard. After two years of our amateur tending, they are not looking as "vigorous" as some in the neighbor's yards. I may have to take the time to learn more about what they like and need to flourish.

For now, though - I am full steam ahead on the Rhymeland Quilt!


Anonymous said...

Very nice job! Right now, the only things showing growth in this part of the world is the early greenery from Surpise Lilies! Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

They are all sorts of gorgeous. The intended giftees anniversary is coming up. Perhaps that can be the occasion.

Anonymous said...

If I had know getting you to mail me something small would end up with me recieving your awesome knitting, I would have asked for more little things randomly to recieve them! Thank you for the washclothes, I love them!!!!