Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking the Train to Pratt - Greensburg 1961

One of the traditions at Greensburg Elementary School in the 60's was for the Kindergarten classes to take a train ride. My memory is that we rode the train to Pratt and visited the fish hatchery, but I may be confused. (Some times Dearest sister accuses me of blending memories of more than one occasion together.)

Mrs. Rader was the Kindergarten teacher - 30 kinds in the morning class (mine) and 30 in the afternoon. (I was born smack dab in the middle of the baby boom and there were a lot of us!) We all went together on the train ride.

We lined up as Kindergartners are trained to do. That's me in the center (it was my mother taking the photo, after all!) in the dark print dress with white cuffs on the sleeve. Robbie Belcher is in front of me and Marc Graves is two in front of her. Deana Banta is in the sleeveless top in the foreground. She and I were "best friends" in those years, and I think Jay Koehn is behind her in the plaid shirt. I am not sure of any others, although they all look familiar and their names are on the tip of my tongue.

My line apparently boarded last. As I said, I am not sure what the rest of the day held, but the evidence shows that I sure was looking forward to whatever was planned!


Iron Needles said...

Yes, I think the visit was for the fish hatchery.

Fun and games, boys and and games. And fish.

Anonymous said...

See how things change? When I was there, kindergarten was not provided by the public school system! However, we lived in El Paso when I was 5 so I went to Kindergarten there Love, WS