Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Tish Tuesday, or History Sisters

When Dearest Sister was in Kindergarten, she met a "new girl" named Tish who became her bff. You can read her account here.

First day of Kindergarten for DS - I was home alone! Well without DS...

I believe that I have mentioned that throughout history (mine, anyway) I have been a hanger-on to most things that DS discovers first.

Using the Distributive Property, you can see that if

(DS+BFF) = (fun and high jinks)


(DS+me)= (fun and high jinks),


(DS + BFF + me) = (Great fun and Very high jinks!!)

Me on the left, DS on the right. Tish next to DS.

Most all my memories of fun with Tish are associated with summer.

We moved away from our hometown of Greensburg, but came back to visit and stay at Aunt Ruth and Uncle Don's house every summer and holiday. I remember visiting her at school for a day when one of our spring breaks didn't coincide with her spring break.

Mostly though, we hung out in the summer time. At the pool, at the drive in and at the dances at the VFW hall.

In front of the parlor at Aunt Ruth's house.

Tish is wearing my dress, DS is wearing a dress that would become mine and I am wearing some sort of toga, it seems! Must have been a Sunday morning, or we wouldn't be in dresses! Sometimes we performed as a vocal trio in church. When we were younger. ("Winds, through the olive trees, softly did blow....")

We shared clothes, adventures, secrets and 5 cent cokes. We admired shooting stars and tan farm boys and never wore shoes, (except to church).

Tish has a sister. DS and I have our sisters (each other, too), but Tish and DS and I are history sisters. And sometimes history is thicker than water!


Anonymous said...

Yeaaa!!! I got a post on your blog too!!! I'm famous! Those pictures-- I loved them. DS looks so cute on her first day of kindergarten with her little rug in her hands. I never wore my own clothes, did I? You look so cool in your "toga"- (you were always so cool and laid back!). Thanks for the memories! Tish

Iron Needles said...

I forgot! I was going to add something about 'Wind through the olive trees'! And only have two sets of gloves for the 3 of us. And the subsequent discussion of whether the two on the outside could just share a set, keeping one hand behind. Can you believe that?!

Love the photo of us under the gingerbread at Aunt Ruth's. Not of us so much, but of the woodwork.