Monday, March 9, 2009

I am sure about this one!

In my last post, I mis-identified myself in a photo. The mistake could have been made by anyone who associated the date on the picture with the age of the child and jumped to the wild conclusion that it was the child born closest to that date - me!

This photo, I am sure about. It is Dearest Sister and Myself!

But I have no memory of the occasion, the setting or the garments (slipcovers?) that we are holding.

I have never seen those fabrics in another photo, so these two could be a pair of diabolical look-a-likes, who somehow slipped their photo into a box with 50 years of photos of my family!

Probably not, but you wouldn't think I would forget a print as.... these!

This is where the partnership of sisters comes to play. When my memory fails, I count on hers and vice-versa. So, I will be waiting to hear!

Where were we in this photo?

What are these garments that we are holding?

Did we ever wear them?

Did we think we looked good?

And lastly -

What were we thinking!?!

(Well, it was the 70's...)


Iron Needles said...

Well, I have no memory of these...slipcovers. I am not entirely clueless, however. It was Christmas. I see a stocking sticking out behind you. That is my only clue, unfortunately. I don't recognize the stocking, the books, the paneling, anything but us.

And we don't look authentically thrilled. Do you think it was the same year we got the 'maxi' vests out of the zebra print faux fur ?

Anonymous said...

If not for the stocking, I would venture a guess that someone was going through a box of "cast-offs" and thought it would be fun(?) to see how they look on people. Love, WS (By the way, I think the year on the picture from yesterday is 1956.)

Iron Needles said...

Okay, I have been pondering this all day. I don't ever remember those garment things.

I believe those two are pod people and not really us.

(I am just glad our mother is not here to see us make mockery of her efforts....)

(I am very glad it was not a seaming effort of Wisest Sister!)

jan said...

I was counting on you to complete the memory but it just deepens! I did crop the photo a bit and in the original, there is a Jones Store box in the foreground. Maybe the garments didn't fit and we were able to exchange them for something else... Or they were stashed in the nether regions of the closet and ended up in a charity box...