Sunday, March 1, 2009

Four of Seven -The Tea Towel Project

One more tea towel finished! I actually finished it while we were traveling last month, but I wanted to be ALL FINISHED before I posted any more photos. My hope was to keep my momentum going through the last one, which is actually underway, but has been ignored for 3 weeks, so this is an update, instead of the finish line.

This project has lasted waaaaay longer than I thought it would. Part of the reason is that my Dearest Sister changed her plans about gifting it for Christmas. It seems that the economic times compelled some in her family-in-law to re-think gifts in 2008. Without a deadline, it has been easy for me to pick up other projects, instead of focusing on finishing this one. I like the way they have turned out in regards to colors and stitching, but I should have started over with real flour sacks instead of the ready made towels that I used. They really are not as heavy as I like to stitch with. I have used some ready made towels that I liked, but these have been frustrating.

This is the latest finished towel.

The first two have already been sent off. (photos here )

As soon as I finish the other towel, I will send them all off to DS. Since the original gifting occasion has past, I am not sure if they will go to her MIL, but I will let her decide what to do with them.

Truth be told, I am a little tired of them, so if she wants to keep them for herself, or use them as door prizes for Bunco night, I am fine with whatever!

(I just don't want to see them being used to dry off the dog's feet when she comes in from the yard - she can use them for that if she wants, I just don't want to see it!)


Iron Needles said...

They have already been sent off? To me? Really? Hmmm...wonder where I put them...


PS I do love how they are turning out.

Anonymous said...

Your embroidery is really fine. I still have the one you did for me while you were in Ireland. You ahve been doing this for quite a while!! Love, WS