Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was always drawn to coloring books...

but I was never good at coloring. I usually just colored over the outlines of the picture, which did not accomplish anything remotely artistic. Embroidery is a medium that gives me much more satisfaction, although it feels similar. One of the best parts is that when I am done, I wash the "outlines" away!

My current project is a set of dish towels. Seven, but without the days of the week. I am making this set for Dearest Sister to gift to her MIL for a holiday gift.

These are the first two, which I mailed to DS for quality review. The lily-of-the-valley one has a small repair. I was almost done and pulled the fabric tight in the hoop and the fabric pulled apart.

These towel blanks were a set that I had in my stash, (from who knows what estate sale!) so more are not available.
I told DS that I would be glad to re-do, but she would have to hem the flour sacks that were the secondary option (staying with stash availability). She said that they would pass muster, so I am on number three, instead of re-doing one and two!

The pattern is from Aunt Martha, I am not sure of the name and can't locate the envelope just this minute. I love the vintage Aunt Martha transfers, (and the newer ones with a vintage vibe) but I also love Sublime Stitching designs.

I am in awe of the stitchers out there that put depth and texture into their projects with color and variety of stitches. I am more of a crafter than an artist, and my projects are generally utilitarian. I am trying to vary my stitches in this project, since it is to be a gift and minimizing the loose tailed knots.

DS assures me that the shortcomings that I see are not so obvious to others, but I want her to be proud to give them to her MIL.

Five more dish towels and 10 weeks until Christmas!


Iron Needles said...

Excellent effort on both the blog and the embroidery!

It shouldn't be that difficult to line a photo up. We should visit while you are doing so.

potty mouth mama said...

I love your embroidery - well done! Very inspiring, I better get cracking on my Christmas gifts.