Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello Internet!

I am relatively new to the Blogosphere. As is true with many interesting things in my life, my sister turned me on to Blogs. I have been reading and discovering so many interesting people and things that I decided to de-lurk and start a two-way conversation. I think that I may have things to say, I know that I have things to show and I definitely want to join the dialogue!

The name of my blog is taken from the name of a club that my mom belonged to when I was little. It was the Just-a-mere Club and the purpose was mostly social, but also crafty, as I recall. Every meeting had cutey little nut cups which Mother would bring home to show us.

My sister and I would get to attend the Christmas Holiday party at which time we would usually be pressed into performing an amateur rendition of a holiday song in voice, or on the piano. Santa would come and although I knew that Santa was a "tradition" at Christmas, it always surprised me that there would be a gift with my name on it and one for sister, too! I guess we didn't give our Mother credit for being able to keep a secret from two clueless little girls. (She probably hid them in plain sight before the event!)

We lived in a small town in South Central Kansas, at the time. My Great Aunt Ruth (my mother's aunt) also attended as well as my mother's many cousins and all the neighbor ladies, from in town and from farms. Many of the women were rural and I am sure they looked forward to the opportunity to meet for friendship and fellowship. I think they also did service projects and possibly had quilting bees in earlier years.

Nowadays, although I live in a major metropolitan area, I often feel disconnected from that type of community and I would enjoy looking forward to going to "Club" once a month. So this is my effort to join the club!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I just went through your entire blog and enjoyed it very much! I wish you had a followers list I could join!