Monday, October 20, 2008

Adventures in the West

Taking the Galaxie and the Isetta to car shows has become a way for The Mister and I to travel and see the West! We use it as an excuse to leave Las Vegas on the weekends whenever we get the opportunity.

South Lake, Bishop, California

One car show that we have attended twice is the annual Owens Valley Cruisers' Fall Colors Car Show in Bishop, California. Bishop is on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, at the back door of the Sequoia and King's Canyon National Park, south of Yosemite. It is a beautiful place with great hospitality.

It is remote, 200 miles from any town of more than a few hundred people and the people in Bishop really appreciate folks who take the time and bear the expense to come to their neck of the woods.

We belong to the Southern California Galaxie Club and one of the other members lives in Bishop. He first invited us to attend the Fall Colors Show in 2007. It was the "maiden voyage" for the Gal, so we were a little nervous about going so far and over so many mountains in a 45 year old car, but we made it and had a great time.

This year, we stayed for the Sunday morning poker run up to South Lake. We rode with the top up since it was a little chilly at 7500 feet elevation!

There were lots of beautiful cars, good friends to visit with, gorgeous scenery and great weather (despite a less than great weather forecast!)

The best thing for me though -

Next door to the car show was a swap meet/flea market where I found some vintage stamped linens, embroidered tea towels and this very cute hankie apron! All for 25 cents each!

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Iron Needles said...

That a lovely photo of the lake. Looks like my mountains! The apron is pretty, too. Going to wear it while preparing T-day dinner?