Friday, October 17, 2008

His and Hers - Classic Cars

One of the things that the mister and I do for fun, is take our classic cars to car shows. In fact, a vacation we are starting next week has been developed around a car show in Branson, MO. (the irony of traveling from Las Vegas to Branson has been killing me!)

We will take this car:

This car is The Mister's. I ride in it, of course, but it is his. It is a 1963 Ford Galaxie Convertible - "Tucson Yellow" with a black top. It is a lovely car that always turns heads when we take if for a drive. The Mister did the restoration, one of his first retirement projects. It is not perfect, but we like it very much. Sometimes he wins a trophy with this car. (not best of show, but sometimes a people's choice top whatever percent)

Sometimes we take this car to car shows -

This car is mine. It is a 1958 BMW Isetta. It is painted with DuPont Chromalusion. The color is "Pure Fire". Sometimes we win a trophy with this car (as high as "tied for second" out of four entries!)The Isetta also turns heads, and in fact, gets so much attention, that The Mister does not like to park near my car at car shows.

(You will notice that the Isetta is two cars away from the Gal.)

At this car show, I parked the Isetta next to a very lovely and expensively restored Ford from the early part of the last century. The best thing about it to me, though -

is that it was a perfect mirror for admiring my car!


potty mouth mama said...

Both cars are AMAZING - but I particularly love the Isetta. So cute!

Iron Needles said...

The Isetta! She is almost as much a star of the innerwebs as my kittie!

You could have linked the youtube video of us driving around the 'hood!

(And you got a comment that wasn't ME!)