Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One of the things on my wish list....

...is a machine to convert slides to digital pictures. Precious Ms A has told me that they exist and I mean to investigate and gain access to one.

When Dearest Sister was here over the Eating Holiday, she helped me go through a box or two of Flotsam and Jetsam . This evening, I set up the projector and investigated several carousels of Kodachrome slides that we intended to review, but ran out of holiday before we got to them. As we suspected, most of the slides were photos of iris that were taken by my mother.

Not all, though!

Some were family photos that I think I may have seen before, but perhaps not more than once. Not enough to settle them into my memory.

Mother always took slide photos. She felt they were superior quality. True, but since she did not own a slide projector until the 1980's, for many years we could only look at them by holding them up to the light.

When I saw them, I really wished someone were here to enjoy them with me! They made me smile and some made me laugh out loud!

So, I put on my thinking cap and used the technology and magic at my disposal to convert Kodachrome to digital!

DS and I have a history of laughter! On one adventure with our girls and one or two of their friends, we heard the impertinent miss, Dearest V, say to her companion, "Don't worry if my mom and Aunt Jan just start laughing at nothing. Sometimes they do that." Which of course made us start laughing!

As I said, it goes waaaaay back -

Even when we were in peril from un-anchored swing sets!

Our siblings did not always see the humor to the degree that we enjoyed...

Sometimes the picture taking ordeal took its toll on our jocularity, too though...
Or maybe the sugar rush from Easter Candy Before Sunday School had subsided...
Anyway, I really wanted to share these slides, so I used the magic of mythology -well, my Olympus camera (Roman? or Greek? I can never remember..)

I took digital photos of the images projected on the wall! Not the quality that mother aspired to by using slide film, but it works in a pinch!


Anonymous said...

Your powers are to be admired. Mom would be proud of your ingenuity.(Is that spelled correctly?) I don't remember seeing those pictures, but they are keepers!! Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Oh man....why didn't we find the time? We must view them together when next we see each other! MUST! Even if we don't eat we must view these marvelous photos.

PS. I am still laughing...

Anonymous said...

So, I sent a picture of snow in the OC mountains to cousin Carl. I was dissed by said cousin because YLSs (Youngest Little sister's)pictures of ice in the desert were more impressive. I'm thinking, I didn't get any picturs of ice in the desert. Whatsup with that?

I now know why I no longer receive email from the YLS and OLS . They are both to busy blogging to send a note. Woudn't have known about Just-A-Mere and the source of the "ice in the desert pictures" had it not been for my EBS (eldest big sister) sharing the information. She is wise.

I have a machine that does a nice job of scanning 35 mm slides at 1200 x 1200DPI ?? One at a time. I have digitized the entire windisch collection of slides and polaroids.

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