Sunday, December 14, 2008

Creating order from chaos...

...was my project today! We have many guests coming for xmas:

The Mister's 2nd daughter (Lovely Ms. H)with her two children, 2nd grand-daughter (Dear L)and 3rd grand-son (Dear HD). Also, The Mister's 3rd daughter (Dear Ms. C)and 1st daughter's first daughter (Lovely G) and her first daughter! (Precious C)

In the desert, it is apparently assumed that everyone comes with only the shirt on their backs and a tiny rucksack with a cup and bowl. They do not build houses with any storage!

We have been using our second bedroom as a guest room and the third bedroom for storage. (The fourth bedroom is my sewing/craft room, although no sewing or craft has occurred in it, as yet).

So today, my project was to convert a storage/computer room into an inviting guest room.

This is the result!

The bed cover is a cathedral window "quilt" that I acquired at a garage sale several years ago. It is not perfect, probably a dozen "windows" need to be re-tacked so that the corners of don't curl up. The lady selling it had made it, but she was "down-sizing" her life and wanted to pass it on. As I recall, I paid about $50 for it. I have never used it before now. It is very heavy and takes up quite a bit of room on the shelf, so I thought I would add it to this guest bed as additional warmth. I was pleased when I realized that it was big enough to make a coverlet!

It is very "scrappy" with lots of different fabrics. I haven't really looked to see if there are any duplicates, but I haven't noticed any.

I think it makes the room look very warm and inviting. I hope so, because I need it to draw the eye away from the other corner of the room!

Well, we still need storage, at least until Dear Ms A is settled in her own home with lots and lots of storage space!


Anonymous said...

I like what you have done...the other corner is somewhat like a corner or two at my house!! Hope you have a great visit. Adjusting to a visit from the smalls takes some doing, doesn't it? Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

I love cathedral windows. You have achieved some order. Congratuations!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I think this quilt is lovely. Once you start using it you will start to love it. There is nothing like a handmade quilt!