Monday, December 8, 2008

The Frozen North... where I have spent the last four days. The Mister lost his older sister unexpectedly, so we traveled to the great white north for her funeral. Such an emergency is the only reason that we travel here in the winter months. (There are two seasons here, "Winter", and "Winter's Coming")

We don't mind the cold weather and the snow so much in short spurts, but the unpredictability of the weather can play havoc with travel plans. In fact, many of the travelers had to postpone departure a day due to the closing of King's Highway 401 due to weather and "lake effect snow" to the Southwest.

It is always good to gather together with family, even for a sad occasion and we enjoyed seeing how much the young people have changed and how the babies have turned into toddlers and the toddlers have grown into youngsters.

We are in Albany, NY awaiting a Wednesday morning flight back to the desert. We are here a day earlier than planned to avoid weather that is due tomorrow to the North.

On the way here today, I convinced The Mister to stop at a quilt shop that we passed traveling through the Akwesasne Mokawk Nation. I bought a quilt pattern as well as a pattern book,an advent calendar panel and a couple of fat quarters. I couldn't go too crazy because I am trying not to have to check a bag. (The only freebie left on airlines today is carry on luggage! $2 for a soda and not a free peanut or pretzel to be had!)

I hope to find some local points of interest to occupy tomorrow. There is a Shaker Site near the airport that is having a Christmas Craft sale so that is a possibility! My Shaker broom is about 24 years old - I wonder if they would let me carry one on!?!


Iron Needles said...

I will look forward to hearing of your safe arrival home. Hope all went as well as these things go.

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts. It will be good to have you back. Love, WS (I wonder what your plants have done while you were away.)