Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!

Last night, the weatherman warned that snow was on the way!

Three to four inches were predicted at 2000' elevation which is most of the valley floor. Everyone ran to the store to "stock up". Not sure what they were buying, but the hardware stores were sold out of snow shovels. (Of course, they never had any to begin with.)

We only got rain, here in the low country, and I am glad because I am sure that it was chaos where the snow fell in the north part of town.

Since we didn't get any snow today, I will share this photo with you from our trip to the frozen north:

Looks cold, doesn't it?

It should, it was over 20,000 feet elevation! Flying the (un)-friendly skies!

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Anonymous said...

I guess the only thing Becky & I have in common is snow...since all the rest of you are in the sun belt! Enjoy. (I amsure you ahve seen the weather map. The weather folk are saving $ by only using one digit for the temp!!!)