Friday, December 12, 2008

New Traditions

These are the lights that say "holiday" to me, but I don't live in that city anymore. Perhaps again someday, but not now.

Now, I live in a city of lights.

(not Paris, but we have one here..)
Every thing is lit with neon, flashing lights, LED video and high def video screens as big as a football field (my least favorite unit of measure!)

So, at the holidays, it is hard to come up with lights that are special.

This is the desert version of holiday lights.

Obviously, this is during the day, unlit. There is a two or three acre cactus garden at a famous chocolatier that decorates for the holidays. Each cactus is wrapped with a string of a single color of bulb.

Accessories are added...

And viola!

Not the same tradition that we enjoyed before...

But the chocolates keep us coming back!


Anonymous said...

Well, the Plaza lights they are not...but then, there is nowhere else to find those wonderful dark chocolate macadamias!!Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Ahhhh! The plaza lights. Maybe one day we will get to see them together again. We had us some times shopping there!