Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homecoming Parade 1961 - Greensburg, KS

This weekend I have been busy finishing up the Christmas preparations. Today's challenge was to create space in my "sewing" room for an inflatable guest bed and room for said guests to make themselves comfortable.

While I was tidying (and I use the term, well... tidying seems rather mild for what I had to accomplish!) I came across some more slides (or framed color transparencies as they were labeled). When I finished my room project, I decided to fire up the projector and see what I could see.

This is the homecoming parade in Greensburg, Kansas in 1961. I can date it exactly, because Deeply Missed Sister was the homecoming queen!

First entry, pulled by Byrd Hardy was the Y-Teens with their theme of "World of ..." (dang that western Kansas wind!)

This entry was sponsored by Dillon's. (The sign says something about value, or prices....)

Not sure what this entry is about, other than "look at my cool old car!" (The Mister is more interested in the cars parked on the street!)

This is the queen and her court on the lovely float decorated with facial-tissue-in-chicken wire- flowers. Sister is the one with the black sash.

Here she is a little closer...

Parades are one of the things my mother always had the camera out for. (Parades and significant snow accumulation). I used to think that it was kind of a wasted effort, after all, you can't hear the bands and you get mostly pavement in the photos (before the luxury of cropping and editing was available). I am glad to have these photos, though, and glad that I have a way to share them!


Anita said...

These are wonderful!
That building in the top photo I haven't seen in years... Since they tore it down to build the new Greensburg Bank building... and Byrd Hardy! Went on to become the best sheriff this county had (other than the new one being sworn in soon... he's my BIL!) and look at those dresses... aren't they beautiful! My mom graduated here in (I think it was) 1963. My Grandma graduated Greensburg HS, too, back in 1927...

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are a REALLY good keeper of the memory bank. Thanks for sharing. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

We really must get those scanned.

You were in the 1963 parade...always getting picked for the stuff you were! I was so jealous.