Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Visitors v 1.1

The first of our visitors flew out today, in two different groups. A morning trip to say goodbye to the Washington and Kansas crews and an afternoon trip to send the Florida girls home

We had a good time with the smalls et al:

Making and decorating gingerbread cookies with edible water colors and googly-type eyes.

This is the police bear. He has a gun. (or so I was told)

The children's museum had lots to entertain smalls and moms...

One of my favorite places to take visitors is the conservatory of the Bellagio. There is always a seasonal floral display (extravaganza, really). It is changed out about 4 or 5 times a year and is always breathtaking. There are elements that are re-purposed, but many new elements are added to each season's display. The Christmas display was resplendent!

It is always stop and go, because everyone is posing their groups for a photo in this most "Kodak-ian" place! Us too!

The tree is as tall as the two story ceiling. The giant round ornaments are about 5 feet across.

I had read that there was a machine that made indoor snow over the snow family, but it was not in operation when we were there. The snow people were made of white carnations.

The soldiers guarded the bridge with a canopy of greens and arcing fountains.

After the conservatory, we watched the dancing fountains. The smalls were skeptical when they saw a calm lake. (They were a little disappointed in Hoover Dam - mainly because they were counting on seeing "the beavers". I think they felt I might be trying to sell another sham point of interest!)

I was hoping for one of my favorite "performances" - Aaron Copeland's "Simple Gifts" from Appalachian Spring, or the piece from Rodeo whose title escapes me. (All I can think of is "Beef - It's Whats for Dinner"...)

It exceeded my hopes -The Hallelujah Chorus! Such a stirring piece and the dancing fountains just amplified the impact! The smalls pronounced it "tight"!

All the way home they sang "hal-le-lu-la" in the back seat!

My reputation as tour guide was redeemed!


Anonymous said...

What a great place to see. There is more to Vegas than the Chamber of Commerce tells!! Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Agh! I have only seen the dancing fountains daylight! You have failed me!