Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, we survived the day!

Everyone arrived safely and relatively on time. The first guests, G and C arrived on 12/24, so we had some charming moments before the others arrived.

We don't have a lot of toys at our house, but old school Cowboys and Indians fascinated for awhile....

I wonder if Precious C will remember Grandma and Grandpa's house as "the place with the green men"!
Later in the day, the fun began. Of course, keeping track of who got what and how to make it work was a job for the Super Mom's!
Old school video games created a bonding moment for the cousins.

Yesterday was kind of hard on everyone as anticipation rarely meets reality when you have been traveling all day after getting up early and missing lunch!

Today, though, everyone has been enjoying getting re-acquainted and catching up.

Tomorrow, we are weighing the option of Hoover Dam or the outlet mall sales. Modern Wonder of the World, or Kaybee Toy liquidation sale? That is the question! I will let you know what wins!


Anonymous said...

Who are those big kids?? Aren't they supposed to be toddlers?? I am so glad you have all of them to enjoy. (The dam will always be there, but the toy liquidation....need I say more?) Love, WS (We have severe thunder storms today. Its payback for the nice day yesterday.)

Iron Needles said...

What did you get??!