Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Handmade Christmas...

...has a long history in our family!

This photo is from the classic "Animal Print Garments For Everyone" Christmas, 1966. Mother found a great bargain on 10 or 20 yards of the fabric and decided that everyone could use a jumpsuit or bath robe or ...something out of leopard print!

First Niece, L the Dr. is the little one on Brother's lap. Dearest Sister and Deeply Missed sister are in the back and SIL who shares my name but spells it differently, and I, are on either side of Brother.

Wisest Sister must have helped Mother with the marathon of corduroy animal print sewing, as I don't remember seeing her in leopard print...

The corduroy was very small wale cotton, so it was comfortable, although DMS always looked cool and comfortable. That was her style!

Here she is with her knitting, probably continuing the handmade Christmas tradition.

(Notice the liquid soap bottle doll "caddy" over her left shoulder. Is there no end to the clever crafting in our family?!?)

I had great plans to sew gifts this Christmas, but having an unexpected trip to the Frozen North set back my timetable. I don't think it would be good for the Mister's blood pressure for me to persevere with the idea, since it would undoubtedly include last minute late night sewing. He likes to have things done well within deadlines.

This year the extent of my handmade gifts may be knitted dishcloths. But on the upside, I already have several things in progress for next year!


Anonymous said...

My, those pictures bring back memories! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Our holidays will be quiet this year..it is good to remember those that were NOT quiet. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

My question is what about the thing behind the liquid soap doll caddy? It looks like it has an antenna. (I don't remember any relatives having any police band scanners...) Also. She did have style.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got here from Feeling Stitchy. I love the crafts from your family. I got my craftiness from family members too. I hope you have a lovely holiday!