Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Beatrix Potter's Alphabet...

...part of it anyway!

I started this quilt from a panel that I got at an estate sale.  It was originally designed to make a soft book, but the instructions suggested that the blocks could also be used to make a quilt.  I found some solid green that looked nice with it, so I dug in and cut out the blocks last night.

I pressed them and put them on the design wall and as I was putting them in 'alphabetical order', I noticed that there was something missing.

Two somethings - Y and Z!

There had been something cut off the top of the panel which I had though possibly was a decorative border or something, since the part with the blocks was intact.  After reading the instructions, I am guessing it was the front and back covers and Y and Z must have been on the back.

This quilt is going to be donated to the birthday party program and I don't want to send a 'defective' quilt, so I am thinking about quilting the missing letters into the border, or maybe repeating them in the quilting all over.  Or, maybe quilt them in the middle and echo out to the edges.

Anybody have any other ideas?

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Allie said...

Oh no!!!!! Well, yes, you could quilt them to the border, yikes. Especially if they'd show up better in the border. Sure is pretty!!!