Monday, February 11, 2013

Trippy Baby Finish!

I put the brakes on the scrappy trip-a-long after 6 blocks when I started to think about cutting into some yardage to make more 'scaps'. It would be one thing if I had planned out a color scheme and layout etc, but since it was meant to be a scrap busting diversion, I decided to stop.  
Look!  A quilt on a fence instead of the laundry room door!

I am glad I did, because now it is a perfect size for a toddler, about 36" square. 

I quilted it with a combination of Leah Day's giant sunflower and a variation of Elizabeth Hartman's orange peel .  

And, I sewed the binding by machine. 

And, it turned out okay!  

I spent about two hours reading and watching videos about all the different techniques to make a machine applied binding look nice.  I selected a wide stitch pattern almost down the center of the binding, maybe just a bit toward the inside.  I have to say, it does not look bad!

A print from my stash for the back camouflaged any imperfections in the binding and quilting (especially after it came out of the dryer!)

I have added this one to the charity stack which now totals three. 

I looked through the stash to see what I have that will go with the juvenile panels I pulled out the other day and matched up a few.

My goal is to finish at least one a week. 

I better get cracking!


Sharon said...

Love the scrapiness! I've got one started and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Gaynell said...

Your quilting skill set is moving along very quickly! Nice work.

Sharon M said...

Funny how the scrappy is to use scraps and I end up cutting strips off my yardage. Good for you for making a child size and not using your full cuts.

Cola said...

I love it!

I'm with sharon.. I cut straight off my yardage... although I'm not really scrap heavy right now!