Saturday, February 2, 2013

Binding super power!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I tried a new binding tool on the Orange Bird quilt. 

It is not very exotic:
Elmers Washable School Glue - The secret weapon!

...but very unexpected!

It is a technique demonstrated by Sharon Schamber that I  was led to through Sew Cal Gal's blog. I tried to link directly to Sharon's You Tube network, but it required a subscription, so I will encourage you to take a look through SCG's site.  Sharon is the developer of the Teflon bobbin washers and the Supreme Slider FMQ aid and has many other mad skilz!

Sharon's slant was to use the technique to differentiate quilts in competition, by ensuring a perfect binding,  but for me, the appeal is that it just makes nice even binding much simpler!

In a nutshell, she runs a small bead of glue (using a special tip that I did not have and I don't think I would bother to purchase) to secure the binding before she stitches it to the front and then another line to secure it to the back before hand stitching it down. Of course she has other great tips along the way, but the glue was my takeaway. 

I skipped the first gluing step (it had been awhile since I saw the video, found the glue and  the time to finish the quilt), but I used it on the back and it made it much easier to stitch evenly.  In a couple of places where there was a bit more glue, it was a little stiff, but not a problem to get the needle through.   After applying the glue, a brief touch with a steam iron stuck the binding so well, that a binding clip every 10 or 12 inches kept it in place perfectly. I might have used more clips than necessary, even.   I glued it as she did, one side at a time for the top and one side, but the last two sides, I did all at once. 

I washed the quilt immediately afterwards. Not so much because of the glue.  I marked the quilting with a heavy hand and the lines kept returning, even after multiple spritzing with water. I was relieved when it came out of the wash with no residue of glue or marker!

Using this technique (along with the ever elusive, but improving, consistent 1/4" seam) is going to help my confidence in applying a binding that is even and full!  

Quilting Superpower is the best kind!


Sharon said...

I'll have to try this! Thanks for the tip.

Gaynell said...

Each craft needs a super power! Glad you found yours!