Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Finish - Autograph Quilt!

It's a little late in the day, but here is my Friday finish.

I changed up the layout of this quilt over the course of making it - first, to keep it small and second, so the focus is on the autographed strips.  I narrowed the border pieces and turned it into kind of a stacked coin (dollars?) layout.  

I quilted  the vertical strips with loopy scallops - some of them look like I did them in italics, but I got a lot better by the end!


In the other sections I practiced several other motifs. 

I machine stitched the border, since this will only be a wall hanging. I have seen machine sewn bindings that look nice enough to be "seen", but mine do not, unfortunately. 

Last night at guild meeting, a member asked for donations of toddler quilts for a program that gives birthday parties/gifts to children in low income families.

I have a lot of estate sale/thrift store fabric and quite a few juvenile panels that I think I could make into some cute quilts.  I am pretty confident that my free motion quilting skills are at the point that I could do them pretty quickly, but I would like to be able to machine stitch the bindings so they will be sturdier and also, quicker to finish. 

If you have a favorite machine binding tutorials to recommend, I would appreciate any tips!

I would love to have 5 or 6 quilts to deliver to our next meeting!

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Zany Quilter said...

Nice job on that signature quilt. What lovely things everyone said to you....awesome! We are all going away next weekend, wish you were coming...miss ya!

Gaynell said...

It is fun to see your quilting skilz progress. I really like the autograph quilt.

Sharon said...

Cluck Cluck Sew has a good tutorial with lots of pictures for machine-stitched bindings.

Quiltin' Jenny said...

That's such a cute idea for a signature quilt! You did a great job on the quilting as well.

One quick way I have done "binding" on a utility quilt is to make it like a pillow - that is, to put the top and back right sides together on top of the batting and stitch around the edge, leaving an opening to turn it. Flip right side out, press well, stitch it closed and then quilt a line 1/4" from the edge to create the look of a binding. Quilt as usual!

Iron Needles said...

I still have the basket that my ATR peeps signed when I left KY. It's a nice way to do things. You are really progressing. Soon you will be indulging me when I talk about my meager attempts.

Cola said...

I love that you are always trying new things. It looks great - I need to do more fmq myself!

Judy Y said...

PatrickmLose's binding does a good job of reducing the bulk in mired corners.

Binding with Patrick Lose - YouTube
► 11:52► 11:52
Mar 25, 2013 - Uploaded by Quilters Newsletter Magazine
Patrick lose has his favorite way to bind a quilt. Learn how he does it.