Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Same Thing Twice!

This is why I need to stop buying fabric!

Look what I found when I went to put away the Flea Market Fancy bundle that I bought at guild last week!

The stack in the back is the fabric I bought at the guild meeting in January (at 40% off!)  The pink and blue dots were also in the bundle I bought last week!   I remembered that I had gotten the other prints in January, but I completely forgot about the FMF. 

To tell you the truth, it was kind of alarming that I have purchased fabric two times in 4 months and I bought the same thing twice. 

If it doesn't even register in my memory, then I am thinking I really didn't need it!

On the other hand, those dots are really useful and it was kind of a fun surprise...


Gaynell said...

I am laughing because I have bought a sewing pattern and found that I had purchased it not once, but twice before! I take that to mean that I REALLY like it! Suppose I should make it up?

Sharon said...

I don't often buy books, almost always use the library. But I have bought ones I've already read more than once. Unlike fabric the second book is kinda useless. And I'd be happy to take any FMF you don't want off your hands.

Sharon M said...

Maybe the other way you can look at it is you really, really like that fabric!!!

Cola said...

but it was on sale! it was the only option :)