Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday finish - 8 Tiny Quilts...

 ...well coasters, really. 

These were a 'commission' from MsA to take the place of the holiday coasters that I sent in her Xmas stocking. She and her husband have just moved to a new apartment that is an upgrade from the starter apartment they have been in since they moved to The Big Apple a few years ago.  They are furnishing it carefully so that it will reflect their particular aesthetic and style, so I was flattered that my coaster making skills were requested!

I kind of went out on a limb, selecting a print, because she asked for grey, but I think they will approve. The print is the 'front', since I stitched the binding on that side. 

I used hot iron transfers to make the backs more interesting.  The gray fabric was in a Gees Bend quilt kit that i got on sale at Tuesday morning and has that hand-dyed interesting-ness. 

I wish the binding stitches were a bit tidier on the gray side, so the coasters could really be considered two sided. I quilted them with light gray Aurifil 50 wt thread. It is my very favorite next to the light tan.  A darker gray might have blended better on the gray side, but my thread 'wardrobe' doesn't have much variety at this time. 

I am quite sure my machine sewn binding will be neater on the next project, since I had eight opportunities to practice on this set!

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Gaynell said...

Very nice! I am struck at how simplicity shines on quilted things.

Heidi Staples said...

I love these!