Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alphabet Quilt- 26 letters!

I finished the alphabet quilt on Saturday and it finished up with all 26 letters. 

I embroidered Y and Z onto the block with W and X. I found a transfer that was a good size and even though it is not the same font, I think it looks okay. 

Certainly it is better than having only 24 letters.  I am sure, wherever this little quilts ends up, someone will wonder about it someday, but it is a soft and cuddly quilt and I think that matters most.  

I quilted an orange peel pattern in the blocks and a couple of different patterns in the sashing with giant wishbones in the border.  I machine stitched the binding and came closer to having the same width on the front and the back.   Someday. 
I am still working on the 'quilts artfully photographed outdoors initiative'!

This one makes number 4 in the donation stack to take to guild next month. I probably won't have much sewing time this week, but I feel like I am still on track to have six completed before the next meeting. 

I have been watching Angela Walters' Craftsy class "Machine Quilting Negative Space" and I am itching to try some of the things she demonstrates in the class.  These small quilts are a great way for me to practice free motion quilting, use up some fabric and make a quilty hug for someone!


Gaynell said...

It looks good! I was wondering how this would play out...and looks like it is successful

Sharon M said...

It works. You are really on a roll!

Sharon said...

What a clever solution!